Past Program and Events Highlights

Race Organizing / Hosting

  • 2018 & 2019  Kentville Canada Cup - We partnered with the Town of Kentville to host the event. TrailFlow was incharge of the course, designing and improving it. We also consulted on the overall organization of the event, coordinated the event officials, volunteers, and event staff. 
  • Host yearly 4X, XC, DH, and Enduro races at 'The Gorge' in Kentville, and at 'Irishmans Rd Rec Site' near Windsor, NS


  • Operated the mountain biking activity at Scouts Canada 2017 National Jamboree where over 1500 youth participated in the 'learn to MTB' program
  • Operated mountain biking activity at Scouts Canada 2015 Nova Scotia Jamboree where over 200 youth participated in the 'learn to MTB' program
  • Host dozens of programs yearly including 'learn to MTB' clinics for adults and youth, and 'advanced MTB skills' programs for adults all across the province
  • 'Porta-Park' (portable bike park station) at many events including Lifecycle, bicycle rodeos, Michelin Jr. Bike and more!

Past Trail & Park Project Highlights

'The Gorge' - Town of Kentville

  • Design and construction of the bike skills park
  • Design and construction of 'Curious Gorge' trail
  • Design and construction of 'Flying Squirrel' trail

'River Ridge Common' - Municipality of the District of Lunenburg

  • Design and construction of singletrack trails
  • Construction of gravel double track trails
  • Decommissioned / re-naturalized unsustainable sections of old trail
  • Construction of bike skills park

'Irishman's Rd. Rec Site' -  Municipality of the District of West Hants

  • Construction of  'Long Bow',  'Hawk Squawk', 'Frog Leg 1 & 2', 'Rootamentree', 'Drop Zone', 'Ridge Runner', trails, and more!
  • Integrated and upgraded where necessary old existing trails on site 
  • Designed trail head sign, including trail map

'The Rail Yard (Victoria Park)' - Town of Truro

  • Final design of the bicycle skills park and the short track trail expansion
  • Construction of the pump track and dirt jumps
  • Park signage consultation
  • Created trail map